Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings

Disciplinary & Regulatory Proceedings


Licensed professionals increasingly face disciplinary proceedings before punitive federal and state regulatory agencies. Recht Kornfeld has successfully defended lawyers, doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, teachers, psychotherapists, judges, accountants, mortgage brokers, traders and others licensees in many disciplinary proceedings .


In addition, students, from grade school through graduate school, increasingly face disciplinary proceedings that can have a dramatic impact on their school lives and careers. From the initial contact with school officials through hearing and any necessary appeals, we regularly succeed in helping students with such disciplinary matters.


Recht Kornfeld’s Disciplinary and Regulatory practice encompasses the following areas:


  • Disciplinary proceedings against licensed professionals
  • Litigation before state and federal regulatory authorities
  • Proceedings before the Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Gaming violations
  • School disciplinary and expulsion hearings
  • Election law violations
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