The attorneys at Recht & Kornfeld are often in the news.

They appear as commentators and when representing clients in high-profile cases.

Following are a few articles and news clips featuring Recht & Kornfeld.


A Fox 31 Investigation has uncovered extremely disturbing documents in the life of Elbert County Sheriff Candidate Brian Weiss; his interview with Fox 31 about his candidacy also reveled a man with a somewhat questionable memory.
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Recht Quoted in Zazi Case

It was quite by accident the biggest terrorism case in recent years landed on the doorstep of small-time defense lawyer Art Folsom
September 28, 2009, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network
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Recht Questions Zazi Decision to Talk with FBI

Three experienced criminal defense lawyers . . . questioned the strategy of the attorney for Najibullah Zazi
September 22, 2009, The Denver Post
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Beller Defends First Amendment Rights at DNC

Beller Defends Protestors' Rights
KUSA 9 News
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Lawyer says half of protesters pleading not guilty

Most of the protesters are young, between ages 20 and 24, Beller said. "The vast majority are college students. They are very politically driven and impassioned. They want to get out of jail but most are not able to make the $500 bond."
August 26, 2008, Rocky Mountain News
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Ritter Campaign Law Violations Increase

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter on Monday notified prosecutors that more spending violations have been uncovered from his 2006 campaign, and that a former aide has written his campaign a check for $10,340 to correct the problem.
June 16, 2008, The Denver Post
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Waived hearing may signal deal in murder case

Dan Recht comments on the murder case of University of Colorado student Susannah Chase.
June 13, 2008, The Denver Post
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Carmelo Anthony's blood alcohol level nearly twice legal limit

"We received notice that Carmelo's blood test came back over the legal limit. This is old news, in that Carmelo has admitted from the beginning that he had been drinking and driving and should not have been," Anthony's attorney, Dan Recht, told CBS4.
May 1, 2008, Rocky Mountain News
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Infant Death

Dan Recht comments on the infant death case.
Fox 31 News at Nine O'Clock
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Nuggets' Anthony nabbed on DUI suspicion

Anthony's attorney, Dan Recht, said his client consented to a blood test, but results won't be available for about two weeks. "Carmelo apologizes to his fans, the Denver community, his teammates and the Nuggets organization for the distraction this is causing them," Recht said.
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Parade, park permit rules during DNC get initial OK

Dan Recht speaks to Denver City Council regarding the importance of the 1st Amendment
January 23, 2008, Rocky Mountain News
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Dan Recht comments on the autopsy case.
November 8th, 2007, Fox 31 News at Nine O'Clock
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Dan Recht comments on the shooting case.
November 4th, 2007, Fox 31 News at Nine O'Clock
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Ward Churchill

Dan Recht comments on the Ward Churchill case.
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Frontier Airlines

Dan Recht comments on the Frontier Airlines case.
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Darrent Williams Shooting Suspects

Dan Recht comments on the case of the Darrent Williams shooting suspects.
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Berthoud, CO Teens - Car Accident Investigation

Dan Recht comments on the case of the Berthoud, CO teenagers whom lost their legs in a car accident.
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Legal Stink Poops Out With Jurors

"I'm not aware of any other animal-excrement cases," he said. "There have been many '(expletive deleted) you' cases, and the Supreme Court has said that while it might not be very dignified, the First Amendment doesn't just protect dignified speech, it protects all speech.
"It's one of the great enduring beauties of the criminal-justice system, that juries have the ultimate say."
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Disorder in the Court

Dan Recht comments on the case of Judge Grafton Biddle and a prosecutor, whom together, had a sexual relationship in the judges chambers.
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Rocky Mountain News

Joe Nacchio Trial

"Nacchio's been accused of a lot of things, but nobody has accused him of being stupid," said Denver attorney and former federal prosecutor Rick Kornfeld.
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"White-collar, difficult cases like this can have dramatically different outcomes, depending on the jury that is selected," Denver attorney Dan Recht said. "The parties could easily try exactly the same case to two different juries and get two different outcomes.  That's how important this is."
Rocky Mountain News - March 19, 2007
"The defense wants someone who won't swallow everything the government says whole cloth," said Denver attorney Rick Kornfeld. "The government is going to want smart people also, in the sense that they're going to need people who can work through their theory."
DenverPost March 18, 2007

Andre Miller Case

Judge drops restraining order, says Nugget no threat to girlfriend“Miller's attorney, Dan Recht, gave the court copies of what he said was a text message from the 27-year-old woman seeking $100,000 from Miller after she alleged he had threatened her.”
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Julius Hodge Case

Nuggets player denies sex assault allegation“Hodge's lawyer says the allegation is completely false and that the 37-year-old woman has a financial interest in making the charge.”
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The Denver Three

Dan Recht represents the three people forcibly removed from a President Bush rally. Recht asserts that his client's First Amendment Rights have been violated.
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Bush bouncer still a mystery“‘We are, with certainty, going to file a lawsuit…and during the course of that lawsuit, we'll find out who that person is,’ says Daniel Recht, attorney for the three
The Denver Post
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Auroran Accused Of Kidnap and Rape

Saudis' aid fails to free suspect: Auroran accused of enslavement“Defense attorney Dan Recht said that in his 20-plus years of practicing law he's never seen a foreign government pay bail for one of its citizens in the United States.”
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Bail set for Saudi man accused of raping, enslaving housemaid“He also said it was unusual for a foreign country to post bond for a defendant and that Al-Turki seemed to be particularly well-represented by ‘three of the best lawyers in town.’”
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Saudi man prevails in hearing on bail: Aurora resident had been held as flight risk“Defense attorney Dan Recht said the total cost of freedom while charges are pending for Al-Turki and his wife - who faces related charges - likely will be about $1 million.”
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Daniel Prickett Case

This is a documentary aired nationally on ABC in the fall of 2004 called In The Jury Room. The documentary features the second degree murder case: State of Colorado v. Daniel Prickett. Dan Recht and Rick Kornfeld kept their client from going to jail.
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Tattered Cover Book Store Case

In the documentary "Reading Your Rights," produced by Just Media for PBS, the Tattered Cover First Amendment case is examined.
This is a documentary which has aired nationally on public television. It is about the precedent setting case before the Colorado Supreme Court in which Dan Recht and Rick Kornfeld represented the Tattered Cover Book Store, one of the cultural jewels of Denver. After police officers tried to search the purchasing records of one of the bookstore's customers suspected of buying a book on how to create methamphetamine, the Tattered Cover said 'no' on First Amendment grounds. The Tattered Cover prevailed in the Colorado Supreme Court and set an important precedent across the country protecting the privacy of its book purchasing customers.
Rocky Mountain PBS
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Tattered Cover wins ruling: Court rules store doesn't have to give records to police“‘The Supreme Court decision doesn't say you can never get information from a bookstore,’ said Meskis' attorney, Dan Recht. ‘You have to show a compelling need.’”
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Police Seek Record of Bookstore Patrons in Bid for Drug Charge“But Ms. Meskis's lawyer, Daniel N. Recht, said the search warrant, which initially sought all records over a 30-day period involving the buyer of the two books, amounted to nothing more than ‘a fishing expedition’ that would prove little even if records confirmed that the books had arrived in the envelope.”
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Colorado Supreme Court Decision: Our View by Richard Kornfeld and Steven Zansberg“As a result of the Tattered Cover decision, Coloradans do not live with such fear.”
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Case Against Safe House Workers Dismissed

Three SHARE cases dismissed“ Recht indicated there was a ‘ distinct possibility’ of a civil suit against Hefty for damages he forced the attorney's clients to incur and for violation of their civil rights. ”
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Singer Off Hook For Using Obscenity

Singer off hook for using obscenity“Lewis' attorney, Daniel Recht, argued that Lewis' language was protected by the First Amendment and asked the judge to dismiss the case.” Read Entire Article

JonBenét Ramsey

Dan Recht gives expert legal commentary on the JonBenét Ramsey murder case.
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Lisl Auman

Dan Recht gives expert legal commentary on the Colorado Supreme Court's decision with regard to the Lisl Auman felony murder case.
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